Sunday, August 19, 2012

inaugural post

I'm starting this blog, primarily as a way of keeping track of recipes and general upkeep of my homebrew operation. I'll post tasting reviews of beers, how-to stuff on brewing and creating brewing equipment, and general beer interest stuff.  DBC started with the intention of creating a brewing community that is grounded within the East Bay punk/metal/DIY scene.  My hope was to create a cooperative of established brewers, aspiring brewers, and dirty drunks to learn, share, and experiment upon.  I have taught classes on cider-making and ginger beer making, and I intend to begin holding classes again.  With a blog, I will be able to document these classes and post the info for future reference.  I am also hoping to start having "speakeasy" parties, brewery tours, homebrew trades, tastings, maybe even a homebrew "CSA" subscription if I can get enough brewers involved.  

This blog may evolve into a more mainstream "audience" blog, like the Mad Fermentationist, or Bikes, Beer, and BBQ, but for now I am using it as an organizational tool and a place to collect my thoughts on my brewing operation

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