Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beers in progress and current brewery to do list

Beers in progress
  1. Orval-style Belgian pale ale with brettanomyces.
  2. A hybrid Belgian Dubbel/ Rye IPA with dark candy syrup, rye malt, hopbursted with Simcoe and Amarillo hops
  3. Sour trippel fermented with Roselaire Blend, soon to be aged on oak cubes soaked in Bulleit Rye whiskey
  4. a sour brown ale
Brewing to dos
  1. Transfer sour triple, add oak and bugs
  2. Dry hop, brett pale;  .75oz cascade, .75oz wilamette
  3. Dry hop dubbel IPA (keg hop?)
  4. Set up fridge
  5. Bottle brett pale; half with brett at bottling.  8/26/12; save brett slurry for 100% brett IPA
  6. Keg dubbel IPA

Brewing projects (long term)
  1. What to do with 2 gallons of sour brown: brew blending beer?  Age on fruit? Dryhop?
  2. Set up kegerator: buy temp control, add taps, etc
  3. Move up to 10 gallon batches: finish keggle, make larger cooler MLT, buy/make chilling system (plate chiller? Counterflow? ), Hop Spider?
  4. Teach brewing class
  5. Set-up brewing schedule and budget
  6. Hold a speakeasy night at Hothhaus

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  1. 8/23 Kegged Dubbel IPA with 1oz Amarillo, 1oz simcoe, and 2oz Columbus. Purged of CO2 and set aside until fridge is running